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What is Broadway Pizza?

Broadway Pizza is a family owned old-school New York Style restauraunt located in the Plaza of the Americas in Downtown Dallas! With Safet "Sajo" Feratovic at the head of the restauraunt, the only thing you can expect is the best. Everything here is FRESH, vegetables, sauces, and toppings are all prepared every morning to give our customers the highest quality of food possible. We serve it all, pizza, pasta, subs, and even salads(all being absolutely scrumptious)! We're a loud and humorous crew that's there just to make your day better. Giving a warm welcome, and an old school pizza parlor atmosphere to make anyone having a bad day end up full and laughing, you really can't go wrong with us. If you ever walk in and hear the legendary "excellent choice!," you know you're in the right place, so please listen to your stomach and treat it to some of Broadway's Pizza's pizza slices!


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